i’m leaving for pennsylvania in about an hour and when i get there i’ll have to sit in a stuffy funeral home for three hours while tons of people i’ve never met hug me and give me their condolences and it’s gonna be super uncomfortable nnnnggghhghnh

and that’s not even the funeral itself, that’s tomorrow and as you can probably guess i’m not really looking forward to any of this lmao

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i want olivia midicronica to follow me

Wow! That was close. He’s a real pain in the ass, too.

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one piece is dumb because they spend 500 episodes looking for one piece when they can just go to kfc and get a 3 piece combo w/ 2 sides for 5.99

where’s that post that’s like “one piece is stupid because they spend 600 episodes searching for one piece when they could just go to kfc instead” that’s my favorite post on this site

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